Here at Hoolaganz, Digital Marketing Bandits we have a special place in our hearts for the Real Estate market and those who work in it. That’s why we launched an arm of our agency that specializes in email, video and social media marketing for real estate professionals called Stage Your Marketing!

Having grown up in a large family that made their wealth with land acquisition, commercial and residential construction, I’ve been in this market since my first breath. Three generations of my family relied on Real Estate to build numerous multi-millionaires in the generation before me, without ever going to college.

I watched carefully as my Dad, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents bought, sold and quick-flipped property.

While I never rolled up my sleeves and worked on the front lines of the family business, I did become the perfect buyer and seller. From the time I was fresh out of my traditional education I started buying property up and down the East Coast. One of the brokers I developed a relationship with on a very popular coastal island called me his “annuity”. I never minded that moniker because it was good for him but it was great for me! The truth is, regardless of my education, I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without real estate.

And that’s why I am your perfect client.

But there’s much more to it.

Because I understand the internal mindset of your perfect buyer…the one that buys over and over from you, I know how to touch them in a way that brings them to you when they are ready to buy.

Most Lead Generation agencies will work with anyone who will pay them. That’s not who Hoolaganz is and that’s not how we work. In fact, it’s so NOT about the money that we want you to have the top 4 highest-converting email templates that were sent by our real estate clients in June 2020. These templates alone were responsible for closing over 100 additional properties – and they are yours for just $4!

As a Real Estate Agent or Broker who is constantly short on time, we asked ourselves:

(1) what we could do to save you time

(2) what we could offer you to improve your client communication

(3) what we could do to increase the number of properties you closed in a single month.

The answer was obvious…share something with you that has proven results, at a price so ridiculously low you couldn’t say no! That’s when the $4 email offer was born. 

For just $4 we’ll send you our top 4 real estate email templates that were responsible for closing over 100 additional properties in June 2020 – in the middle of a pandemic! The regular value of the email templates is $397.

If you take us up on the $4 email template offer, we’ll also show you some additional amazing offers that include:

– monthly real estate email templates

– a monthly video editing and production package

– monthly Instagram Hashtag packages

These monthly packages are only available at a discounted cost when you purchase them through our $4 email template package.

The monthly packages will still be available to purchase at any time, just not at the same cost. You’ll only see the video editing and production offer at this low rate once and it is only through this $4 offer. 

It takes a simple click of the button below to claim your Top 4 highest-converting real estate email template package for just $4. This is a bit of a beta offer, so it won’t be available forever. For less than a cup of Starbucks you can send your clients the same emails that our clients used to close over 100 additional properties in June! 


Member Testimonials

“I literally couldn’t keep up with the number of leads the membership produced for me. I am a 2 person agency and I was getting up to 12 new leads a day between the emails and the social media posts that are included in the monthly membership. I’m never giving up my zip code! The ROI is just too good.”

Sandy J

“My large agency needed to stand out because we have a great deal of competition where we are located. We nailed down our zip code on the first day that the founding member locations were made available. Our agents love having leads distributed to them every month and also sales copy that they can use to be in touch with their buyers. Worth every penny and then some!”

Dean F

“This business is all about location and when you are the only agency in your area to be able to be a part of this membership you have an incredible advantage over your competition. Our agents could never get enough good buyer leads at a reasonable cost through Zillow and a few other lead generation companies we used. That all changed when our agency joined the membership. Now we can literally dial up as many leads as we need each month. Having the converting sales copy and social media feels like a bonus, even though it’s included every single month. The membership is so flexible yet extremely exclusive for our area. LOVE IT!”

Jonathan B