lead gen·er·a·tion
the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.

Here at Hoolaganz, we know that acquiring new patients comes down to numbers. Lead generation is where those numbers begin. Your website, content and social media are intricate pieces of the puzzle, but paid advertising is the only way to create sustainable funnels that convert into new patients.

We can say this with certainty because we have been in the lead generation business since 1995! We have grown, morphed and mutated right along with the lead generation landscape. We’re here to tell you there has never been a more effective opportunity to cash in on paid advertising to grow your practice than right now!

Hoolaganz conducts thorough market research and leverages the power of paid advertising through social media in order to reach and engage your future patients. Our strategy is long-term and relationship-based, which means the leads we help generate will impact your practice by providing new patients now and a marketable list of potential patients for the future.

Here at Hoolaganz, we thoroughly enjoy what we do and we know that it shows by the way we market ourselves. Whether you opt to engage in a retainer-based or pay-per-lead partnership with us, we’ll take the guesswork, uncertainty and growth strategy off your plate so you can spend more time serving your patients and enjoying your practice.

Hoolaganz makes your growth our priority – that’s why we call ourselves Lead Generation Bandits. We make it so easy for you it feels like stealing. Schedule a no-obligation phone consultation today and let us show you how lead generation can skyrocket your growth!

Client Testimonials

“I literally couldn’t keep up with the number of leads Brian produced for me. I am a 2 man shop and I was getting up to 12 new leads a day. I 7xed my income in just 3 months. Plus i grew my email list so now I can keep in contact with even the people that didn’t purchase from me.”

Terry W

“My plastics practice needed to stand out because we have a great deal of competition where we are located. We hired Brian and his team to jump start us. We added as many as 30 new patients some months, just from the services the team provided. This is my best investment since medical school!”

Dr. France

“As a local bankruptcy attorney it can be difficult for people to admit they need my services. But within 24 hours of starting with Hoolaganz, my phone was ringing off the hook. We have been working together for well over a year and things are going great.”

Jonathan B