If you’re like most aesthetic practices today, you’re probably facing the challenge of building a professional and respected brand. For years, most practices never felt the need to have a brand – their default logo has always been the good-ol’ surgeon in the Operating Room

But things have changed. The booming aesthetics business means a higher demand for professional branding. You need to stand out and so does your experience! The demand for professional branding is growing.

Branding is a critical aspect of any business. Understanding what a brand is and knowing how you can use it to get your practice or business in front of the right people, increase sales and build a huge following can give you a good head start in this competitive market.
The theory behind branding began with ancient Egyptians who used to differentiate cattle by burning a distinctive mark into the animal’s skin with a hot branding iron. Today, branding has evolved to include not only a company’s products but also its personality, promises, and values. A brand is akin to a lens through which outsiders view a business. In fact, the word ‘’brand’’ is now so common that it has become synonymous with words like business and company.

Building a brand from scratch is not a walk in the park, especially for those who are in a highly competitive market. Apart from being faced with a plethora of regulatory rules, you also have the extra burden of creating an acceptable brand in an industry that is built on looking perfect.

While aesthetics providers have made gigantic steps towards creating high-end yet welcoming brands, the industry needs more sophisticated brands that will take the medical market to a higher level. To appeal to a broader demographic, that spans a large age range, we must shift from the good old fashioned face-lift practice to that of an aesthetics full-service offering. The only way to make this happen is through professional branding.

Professional branding requires more than just an icon, logo, tagline and color palette. It is an ongoing identification and differentiation process through which patients identify with your business. Consumers deserve a valid, relevant and personal experience. How your practice meets these demands is a critical factor in building your brand. To be successful at this requires tremendous work and dedication.

The main factors that must be continually addressed if you are serious about building your brand include:

-Advertising and public relations
-Sales and marketing
-Customer service
-Social media marketing

If your vision is to create a brand that speaks for your company, has a loyal following and stands out in the community, the following steps are crucial to your success:

1. Take time to find out what makes your business unique and special. Create your own unique selling points by discovering more about your business, why it is unique and what you have to offer that sets you apart from the competition. From a patient’s viewpoint, your unique selling point is the answer to the question, ‘’why should I trust you with my health?’’

2. Figure out who your target audience is. Who exactly do you intend to target with your branding? Who are your ideal clients and what are they trying to accomplish? Once you find an answer to these questions, you can begin to work on a brand that appeals to your target audience.

3. Be original and unique. There are many creative ways to stand out from your competition with branding. Using a generic image or tag line is defiantly not one of them! is not the best way to build a unique and special brand.

4. Invest in a professional design company. A creative and quality design will give you a leg up over your competition, and while it may be tempting to cut costs by hiring a friend with limited experience to create a cheap logo, you’ll certainly get what you pay for. Remember, if your brand looks poor, your customers might think your products and services don’t stand up to the competition.

5. Create a great logo that reflects your brand and personality. Work with your professional designer to create a clean, simple, and creative logo that speaks for your practice sells itself and has relatable brand recognition.

Today, you have an amazing opportunity as an upcoming aesthetics practice to win significant market share with a brand that provides meaningful experiences to your clients. Investing in branding for your business can help you keep your loyal customer base, target and attract new customers, and accelerate your success!

Steve Forbes once said, ‘’your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.’’

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